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Attention-to-Detail and Price-to-Value
are Key Reasons Companies with Complex Custom
Orders or Quick Turn Small Orders Come To Balcon


Balcon Enterprise is a "5 Star Supplier' for custom designed and new “JIT” FIBC Bulk Bags, new or skillfully re-conditioned Gaylord Boxes, liners and pallets. We do not substitute cheap price for quality.

We honor a "Code of Performance” Guarantee that assures you will avoid common supplier problems in the industry. We make sure your next purchase is Worry-Free and Predictable. “Less Hassel”, “Less Cost and “Less Time To Delivery”. We expertly handle all Logistics with multiple regionally located warehouses to Lower Cost & Speed Delivery.

Balcon Enterprises Exist to Exceed Customer's Expectations…!

Our Business is Optimized To Save Our Clients “Time and Money”

We achieve this by raising the bar for ourselves and the industry. Our business philosophy places a priority on strong customer relationships and quality of service vs high volume sales with little support.

Our business goal and passion is not about selling industrial shipping and storage supplies, but optimizing our business inventory and internal processes to support and exceed your project requirements resulting in a savings of Time and Money.

Because of this singular and intense focus, Balcon Enterprises has become a trusted “one-stop” resource for new economy and custom FIBC Bulk Bags, new or re-conditioned Gaylord Boxes, Liners, Pallets and Supplies. We even buy back (Recycle) our client’s old Gaylord Boxes!

A Midwestern Based Company That Operates
On a Set of “Midwestern Values


What customers care about and what they remember is how they were treated, how their needs were met and concerns addressed – they remember the intangibles. They remember good quality customer service. Our focus is to provide answers and solutions to your company's needs and concerns. We focus on the development of a full service experience and the development of complete customer satisfaction.

We concentrate on the quality of our products and services and not the quantity. Each customer is unique and has individual needs. That is why we make it our priority to understand the customer and create and supply the custom service that we all demand

Balcon Protects It’s Customer’s From
“Bad Industry” Sales Practices

1. Hidden Costs:

In a recent survey of typical buyer complaints, we found that there are far too many cases when hidden cost are not fully disclosed in the proposal. If you’re like most people, not knowing about certain costs up front is even harder to swallow then actually paying them!

Common “Buyer-Be-Ware” industry issues:

  • Bait and Switch – Low advertised cost, but products conveniently out of stock
  • Inexperienced sellers handling complex orders cause delays and cancelled orders
  • High Turnover with the smaller “Sales Brokers” who leave customers in the dust

2. Poor Customer Service

In ongoing surveys, customers told us their major frustrations.

For example…

  • Long delays to get basic quote information
  • Poor communication during the shipping process
  • No dedicated resource to contact for questions

Balcon assigns each customer a dedicated “materials and freight consultant” and a backup if needed. Company policy makes it mandatory to respond to inbound email or phone messages within one hour “or sooner” during business hours.

3. Poor Product Quality:

"Quality is Often Substituted For Price"…Lowest price usually gets you "lower quality" and "less safety". Depending on your “Business Application”, your order could pose a safety risk!.

To learn more, grab one of our new “Buyer’s Protection Guides” for “FIBC Bulk Bags” and “Gaylord Boxes” here: http://www.balconinc.com/resources/


Many Companies Claim To Save Buyers 
Time And Money, But Lack Internal Business
Processes To Consistently Deliver


How Does Balcon “Save You” TIME..?

1. Real People Answer The Phone!

  • If you contact Balcon during business hours – you’ll get a live PERSON!
  • All new calls and emails are logged into our CRM system – you’ll never get lost!
  • Employees are cross trained to assist customers no matter who answers
  • YOU Bypass “Phone Tag” and talk directly to a specialist on the very first call!
  • Customers are assigned a professional account representative

2. Expert Consultation –

  • Get immediate and accurate information to make sound business decisions.
  • We cover it all – Product Selection, Turnaround Time and Limited Budgets.
  • YOU won’t need to worry about lost time fixing vendor mistakes or finding a new one
  • Balcon knows how to solve complex design and shipping issues with precision

3. Fast Deliveries –

  • Regional warehouses provide quicker delivery times and lower delivery rates
  • Our logistics team are “SUPER” Good at planning best freight and best routes
  • Fast deliveries assure that we meet or exceed your internal deadlines.

4. Online Tools – It’s Easy

  • Use Balcon’s “Density Calculator” to quickly configure your “Bulk Bag” needs
  • Sophisticated “drill down” and “search” features speed up “time to decision”

Whether new and used Gaylord Boxes, new or custom FIBC bulk bags, liners, pallets, or other industrial shipping and storage supplies, BALCON is ready to earn your business. Give us a call Toll FREE today at 1.877.745.0311.

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  1. This is a great summary of the comprehensive view that solutions based businesses take when addressing the needs of their customers. Wraps it up nicely!

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